As we see it at Connected Threads - community involvement and social responsibility can be attained within the fashion industry if we make the effort to take it there. Fashion does not have to be about expensive designer labels or mass production. It can simply be about an artist using their talent to give back to the communities in which they live. But ultimately about an individual taking the resulting product of that talent and making it something of their own.

The places we decide to give our dollars can and do make a difference in the world. Products we choose for our lives should contribute to something greater than the linings of a few pockets. With the financial sector of the world in turmoil, it is apparent now more than ever that there must be a greater awareness in our spending habits. It must start with the individual first, it is only then that the masses will be moved to follow.

Connected Threads is a project designed to demonstrate the belief that although we are unique and distinct as individuals, we are connected to each other by a common thread. While supporting Connected Threads you are contributing to a triple-threat project:

Community - 25% of each purchased item will be given to a charity attached to the image depicted in each Connected Threads Collection.

Artist - 45% of each purchased item will be given to the artist from each Connected Threads Collection.

Awareness - Customers will be able to track exactly which artist and charity they are supporting through their purchase, as well as see where other items from their collection have been sold in order to visualize the connectivity of this project.

We hope that you will be inspired to become a part of Connected Threads in whatever way you see fit. Visit the shop section to view current available collections. Shoot us an email with questions, suggestions or concerns. If you are an artist or charity - please submit samples of your work to be considered for a future collection to

We do not walk alone on the journey called life - we are in fact,